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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Hi my love, I hope you are well now and recovered from the dizziness that you mentioned in your last letter. You have been in my prayers, mainly thanking our God that you are happy working in the Greenhouses. I still smile when I pictured your joy in watching the Ladybird walking on your hand (September I think it was) as you moved her to safety.

As for your move and having your own room, it may have taken a few days to get used, but now you're as happy as Larry. All the reading and studying you will manage without too many distractions. Brilliant!

I have been keeping busy sewing, nothing special, but I find itrelaxes me while he's watching Footy. I'm reading a book called 'The City is my Monastery' that arrived a month ago; a hand written package addressed to me, but with no note - nothing, so have no idea who sent it. I found it a little hard to get into, but I am now enjoying it and if this enjoyment lasts, I will order you a copy for your birthday. 🙂

Life is still quiet here with the Lockdown, but I'm a believer in 'Better Safe than Sorry' and thankfully we are finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We still miss our church meetings, just as you miss yours. There's nothing like lifting our arms and hearts to Jesus, singing our praises together as one. I miss your letters from before Covid, full of the Joy of the Lord from the many Worship groups visiting your Chapel. Hopefully another few months will see us lifted up out of Lockdown and in our Churches/Chapels lifting the roof in Worship. I can almost hear your ‘Amen’ from here.

God bless lovely, keep smiling and praising God in all things.

Very much love as always. Lizzie Anne x x x

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