Parish Nurse

West End Impact is looking to appoint a Parish Nurse to work with the homeless community soon. This will be an incredibly important project to support people who are struggling with so many issues, that their physical and mental health often takes a back seat. We envisage a partnership between Council, NHS and local churches. More details coming soon.

From Parish Nursing UK website:

"Parish Nursing operates by supporting people and communities towards the concept of whole-person healthcare, through a local church of any denomination.
Whole person healthcare is about the person’s overall well-being, which includes spiritual, physical, mental and social aspects of health. Rooted in the Biblical concept of ‘Shalom’, we believe that these areas of well-being are integrated and often have an impact on each other.
"All Parish Nurses are registered nurses and are appointed or employed through a local church or Christian organisation. Most of them continue to work for the NHS, although some work solely as a Parish Nurse."