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First of All:

Thank you for your donation. Your contribution means a lot - without it, we wouldn't be able to continue the work in our community.

If you would like to donate regularly, you can download our Standing Order Form (PDF)

If you are a UK Tax Payer, Gift Aid makes your donation

go even further without any extra costs to you.

For every £1 we can claim 25p!

Please use our Gift Aid declaration form

Donate direct into our Bank Account and every penny goes towards our work

Account Name: West End Impact

Account Number: 51337505

Sortcode: 40-33-15

Reg. Charity Number: 1153736

You can also donate via Stewardship (they take a small cut) or via PayPal (they take a bigger cut).

wei paypal qrcode.png

If you are able to help us with food donations for our Food Bank, that would be fantastic. We are very very short of essentials at the moment, particularly through the summer months.

You can drop items into our donation bins at Morrisons Morecambe,  Garstang Sainsbury's or get in touch to arrange drop off at Impact.

Thank you

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