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The Drop In

West End Impact offer help to everyone who needs it, whether it's food or advice that is needed the most.

At West End Impact we know the importance of eating well is often lost when people are in difficulties, whether the difficulty people are going through is born of economic, physical or mental reasons, or a combination of it all. Everyone deserves and needs a helping hand every so often.


We give people nutritious meals and a warm place to come and socialise twice a week. A safe space to be in community is a vital support for people suffering from poverty and the resulting social exclusion.


We offer a two course lunch on Thursdays (10 am – 1 pm) and a take away lunch (sandwiches, crisps & fruit) on Sundays (1.30 – 3 pm).

Lunch is a hot main, and a dessert, both of which are delicious and very filling. It is served from 11.30 to 1pm. There are regular volunteers, who cook the food, working hard to serve others but never losing their good humour.

It is through the kindness of our volunteers, and local businesses who donate food that we are able to feed on average thirty people a week in each session.

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