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We look at confidence, low self-esteem, coping mechanisms and how to look after our wellbeing and improve our mental health.

We will work within a closed group - the people in the group on week 1 or 2 will be the same people for the following weeks. The groups will be small and will be a mixture of practical, listening and talking sessions. The sessions will be adapted to fit the group and young people will be encouraged to share ideas and thoughts throughout the course.

Led by Rachel and Team, this course is an 8 week course for young people 11-16 who may be experiencing low mood, anxiety or poor mental health.

Living Life To The Full teaches a tool kit of resilience and how to utilise it when things become overwhelming.

Living Life To The Full looks at why we feel the way we do, how our thought patterns work and how to identify the thoughts and feelings that derail us.