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Has Covid made your Social Anxiety worse?

Many people are looking forward to the slow easing of coronavirus restrictions. We are now

able to slowly meet people we have spent a year missing. Shielding has ended for most

people and spring is slowly bringing out the sunshine and people to the beautiful prom and


However, not everyone is ready to step outside just yet. For some people the restrictions and

isolation have caused anxiety, for others it was already there and has intensified. I'm one of

those people. I used to go out… but now I'm the friend who really really wants to sit in your

garden and have a brew, but i'll talk myself out of it. I'm the mum who wants to go to the

beach but the garden will have to do. I'm the employee who wants to do so much more, but

instead I'm overwhelmed and tired after half a day. Covid is not my biggest worry - people


For some people Covid is their biggest worry and they stayed in to protect themselves and

others they may live with, and now the risk of catching it means they don't feel safe outside.

For some people they already preferred to stay in as it felt safe. For the last year they have

been told to do just that and now thinking of going to see friends fills them with

they cancel. Even mixing with family at home can be too much. Yes it's frustrating! For


Social anxiety is exhausting. Our minds are working overtime while we are out and we are in

the “fight or flight” mode. Even in our own home at times.

If this is you, you’re not alone. Reach out.

If this is someone you love, please give them time and reassurance.

If you have been affected by anything that has been said, please visit our Mental Health section of our website to see how we can help.

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