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Find out how to set up your business with Work for Good

It ain't easy to run a business and make a decent profit these days. It ain't easy to run a charity, with very little chance of self-generating an income.

Our funders like to fund stuff they can take pictures of, front line services, new projects etc. Paying for mortgage, electricity, insurance and staff often isn't quite attractive enough.

Could you help?

We're trying hard to increase our regular donations, so we're not as reliable on funding bids. They take a lot of effort and the success rate is, well, it's in the Rock, Paper, Scissors realm.

We're now registered with Work for Good, where businesses can manage their charitable donations easily.

Work for Good makes it easy and possible for purpose driven, small businesses to donate to charity - legally.

Donating to charity as a business can be complex due to the legal requirements. Work for Good digitally automates this process, allowing businesses to pledge donations of any size, within minutes.

They've made it simple for your small business to raise vital funds for charities and make a big difference.

Check out our Charity profile and how to donate:

Here is how it works:


It's quick and easy to sign up and create an account.


Pledge your donation via the donations form to create your Commercial Participation Agreement with the charity you’d like to support.

Comply & Publicise

You’ll need to state at the point of sale (e.g on your website) how funds will be raised to comply with charity law. Then you’re ready to proudly publicise your giving to your customers or clients.

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