West End Impact is a registered charity (reg. Charity number: 1153736) run in partnership with Morecambe Community Church and other Christians in response to the regeneration of Morecambe.

Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full

Living life to the Full is a 10 week Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) based, NHS accredited peer-led course helping people to overcome or deal with depression, anxiety and low mood. It is meant as the first step in the 5 step mental health step care plan GP’s follow and they are able to refer to this course.

Here are some specific outcomes of Living life to the full based on the PH9 NHS depression support questionnaire from the last few courses.

o   4 people who never went out are now going outside again
o   10 are now employed, 2 self-employed and 6 now in volunteer positions
o   9 sought rehab and 3 are now totally clean
o   2 now living back with partners and no longer talking of divorce
o   5 are better nourished
o   2 soldiers sought help for ptsd and 4 sought professional therapy
o   15 felt less suicidal

If you are interested in attending the course, or would like to have more information please email us.

To offer long-term support and community we also run The Dog & the Elephant mental health support cafe.

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In 2002 West End Impact started its journey of Helping People, Bringing Hope and Changing Lives!! We opened in response to the regeneration of Morecambe which was a government focus at that time; Regeneration starts with people and although the new prom in Morecambe is amazing there are still lots of people in great need and lots to be done.
We opened our doors to everyone and our services have been tailored to the needs of the Community. There are now 12 different projects or sessions running from our multi purpose building!!

At West End Impact we support people through crisis, help them repair reasons for their crisis and assist them in moving on. We work with people who are homeless, jobless and hopeless – people who have lost their home, their job and/or hope.
As a Christian Charity we believe God’s love for people is all inclusive, relevant for the whole human being.
For some the Good News of Jesus is a challenging word in season or a great sermon; for others it is a hot bowl of soup, housing advice and a dry sleeping bag.
We are thankful that God has us spread his love in both ways.
Often people take 3 steps forwards, 5 backwards and 8 sideways but we pray they find new hope in themselves, through us and in God.

in the last 12 months..

…over 550 individuals collectively received help over 5600 times

...over 90 people received intense support for their depression & anxiety

…over 530 food parcels gave people and families 5 days of food when they had absolutely nothing

…more than 60 times we helped people find a home or keep their tenancy

…18 vulnerable adults went to crucial appointments because we went with them

…35 people and families could switch their lights on and heat their home

…over 90 people received or kept the benefits they are entitled to because we supported them with advice, phone calls, computer access, letters, appointments and appeals

...15 people have said that without West End Impact they wouldn't be alive anymore.

… over 40 volunteers contributed more than 3500 hours as part of our volunteer program with training, mentoring and support to help people build confidence, self-esteem, new skills and become more employable.

we also served over 3300 meals to vulnerable adults and families, and Christmas Dinner for 95 people