The Dog & Elephant

West End Impact Mental Health Support Cafe

Wednesdays 11.30am-2.30pm 

Coffee, Light Lunches, Cake.
Advice and Peer-led support for Mental Health.

If you suffer from low moods, depression or anxiety, you don't have to suffer alone.
West End Impact offers a 10 week CBT based depression support group called Living Life to the Full.
Alongside this we offer the Dog and the Elephant.
A peer support led mental health support cafe, offering art lessons, support, advise and community. Where people understand what you are going through and speak your language.
Come along and see what is happening

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In 2002 West End Impact started its journey of Reacting to Crisis and Rebuiding Lives!! We opened in response to the regeneration of Morecambe which was a government focus at the time.

Regeneration starts with people and although the new prom in Morecambe is amazing an the future plans of the 'Eden Project' will be amazing, there are still lots of people in need in this current economic climate.

In 2002 we saw the great need and although some of our services have change to adapt to different needs, still over 550 people were helped at West End Impact last year!

As a Christian Charity we believe God’s love for people is all inclusive, relevant for the whole human being.
For some the Good News of Jesus is a challenging word in season or a great sermon; for others it is a hot bowl of soup, housing advice and a dry sleeping bag.

The motivation of all that we do at IMPACT is our Faith, Hope and Love and we hope we can continue to inspire this in every single person we come into contact with. This could be someone in need or one of the many agencies, schools and organisations we network and rub shoulders with in the area of Morecambe & Lancaster